Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Scares Me

People are crazy! Well, unless they are shopping in my store LOL. I guess deals just aren't important enough for me to risk my life at Wal-Mart. And of course, even if we had any shopping plans, they got cancelled. Last night, my grandfather's hay barn caught fire. It has now been burning for about 18 hours. Several thousand dollars worth of hay are lost. It's a big loss for the farm, but at least everyone is safe. Everyone in the family took turns watching it all night long so it didn't catch anything else on fire. So, although everyone is okay, we were a little too tired to go stand in line at 4 am.
Well, I had my first sale in my Etsy store on Tuesday. I was so excited, I could barely sleep! I am so happy that people actually want the stuff I make! I was beginning to wonder. I hope to get more sales before the holidays. The store could use a cash infusion. As soon as I get back to my workshop, I will be putting the finishing touches on some great new items just in time for Christmas! Be sure to check it out at!
Happy Holidays everyone!

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