Monday, November 17, 2008

October 13, 2008
I am so excited! I finally got photos posted on my projects page! The first thing I posted is a really cool stuffed toy car. Its a design I came up with after reading a book about vintage toys, so I am pretty proud of that one. The "prototype" is already listed on my Etsy site. It has gotten some really great response,which is a nice way of saying a bunch of people have looked at it, but no one has bought it yet. But the holidays are coming, so hopefully someone will think its the perfect thing! The version I posted pics of is a "girly" car. It's hot pink and purple with polka-dots and its gonna be really fun when its finished. Check back for more photos soon!
Since I blogged last, I have been extremely busy. We have moved our sign store to a new location (you can see what I do to actually make money by going to and that took about 10 times longer than any of us thought it would. But we are here now and we own this place, so its been really great so far. I also had a car accident about two weeks ago-and yes, everyone is fine-but it has taken a ton of my time to go back and forth with the insurance companies, etc. My car may or may not be totalled. I should find out by Wednesday. The other driver's insurance has been very difficult to deal with, and since she was at fault, everything is taking forever. The only real injury sustained (besides bruises and bumps) was airbag-related. The airbag went off and damaged my hearing in my left ear. Ever since the accident, I only hear ringing and some muffled sound. It makes it really difficult to understand what people are saying if there is any other noise. So I am going tomorrow to an ear, nose, and throat doctor to get a hearing test and hopefully find out that something can be done about it. Otherwise, I am looking at a lifetime of saying "Huh?" alot.
Well that's pretty much everything you need to be caught up, my (probably imaginary) loyal readers. I will post more pictures soon, and I am hoping to eventually post tutorials! Until next time.........
September 9, 2008
So, if you hadn't noticed, I finally got the links to start working and the counter at the bottom of the page is ticking now, so please, feel free to check back any time! Now I am working on getting pictures added and stuff like that. The real purpose of this blog is to promote my website, so I hope I am not too boring with that whole thing.
Right now, I am working on two different projects. The first one is a little boy's jumper. It is adorable. It has little pintuck pleats in the front and it buttons at the shoulders. It also will have a sailboat appliqued or embroidered on a pocket on the front. I have already had to completely start over with the applique because it was fraying at the edges, so I am going to have to figure out a different way to do that. I am learning by experience here, so progress is a little slow.
My other project is a little something i have named "Spencer the Spotted Squid." This is a tentative name at best. I am pretty proud of this fella because I came up with the pattern from an idea in my head. No photo, no nothing for inspiration. It is 100% fantasy. He is made of a bright blue knit and he has an embroidered face. I am in the process now of embroidering various colors of dots all over him (hence the "spotted" part of his name). I think he is going to look pretty awesome when I get done. I will add pictures as soon as I find my camera!
I also just got a brand new sewing machine. It is one of those Project Runway computerized editions from Brother. It's not the expensive one, just the regular kind. It is so great! It sew so smooth and quiet. It has all kinds of cool stitches for embellishing, quilting, etc. I have been having so much fun with it! I am looking forward to sewing even more now!
August 27, 2008
Okay so today has been an aggravating day. I have tried to do some editting on this site, and it is almost impossible. The gadgets aren't working for one thing. The one to your left is supposed to be an Etsy link, but it is "temporarily unavailable." Same story with the footer at the bottom of the page. That is supposed to be a counter so I can see if anyone is actually reading this thing. So, I go to Google Page Creator's Help Site only to find out that Google has basically abandoned their Page Creator program in favor of Google Sites. There is no way to transfer your site other than manually. They are very sorry for the inconvenience. End of story. Next, I tried to go to Google Sites to start this irritating process and according to them, I am not currently hosting a site under Google Sites. No kidding! I clicked the link to look for my site, and that gives me an error message that says the web page I am looking for is under construction. !&#@ !. If I could post a video of an enraged scream on here I would. But I think that would require one of my gadgets to work. And we all know how that is going.
So bottom line is this: after all my hard work and time put into getting this blog up and running, I may get to start all over again in Google Sites. If I can ever figure out how to navigate that site. Until then I will continue to post here. I don't care if this system is old. Curse the system!
I think I'm gonna go home and do yoga................
August 26, 2008
Wow, so this is my first blog post. Ok this is a little scary. I don't really know what I want to write about, but I thought it would be neat to put myself out there and make contact with people, so here goes nothin'.
I am a creator. That is what I have always truly loved to do. I make clothes, toys, jewelry, pillows, curtains, and other miscellanious "creations." I make stuff I don't even have a name for yet. I have so many ideas floating around-no, make that barrel-rolling and nose-diving--throught my brain that I sometimes don't know where to start. That's why it sometimes takes me so long to finish.
You can see some of my favorite (and successful) creations at my Etsy site For those of you who are not familiar with Etsy, it is a website dedicated to selling only handmade and vintage goods. It is a great place for people like me to show the world what we can do! And also, while you are there, please buy something! I can't afford to just sew and brainstorm and create for free! But I think I would do it no matter what, so I suppose that part really doesn't matter. I must admit, it would be really great to know that someone else loves my stuff as much as I do. Its hard to tell sometimes, whether you are artist, musician, butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, if your stuff is really great or if you are just so enamored with the idea that you are blind to something's flaws. Hmmm, actually that sounds alot like some people's relationships too. Hehe, but I won't go there.
My daughter, Baby Jo, is the inspiration for many of my creations. She is the light of my world and the reason I wake up every morning. (Oh, and my husband, J, is pretty great too!). The "Jo" dress on Etsy is named for her because the style is light-hearted, fun, and free. That's my favorite dress!
So anyway, this is my blog, this is me, welcome to my world. I hope we have fun!

I promise I will get a better one soon. This is Mommy and Baby Jo last September (?). She has grown so much!

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