Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Forgotten Blog

Oops I do have a blog, don't I! A poor neglected, forgotten blog. Okay, so I have gotta write more often. Today is the inauguration, so of course, we have been watching that. And may I just say the Obama girls are adorable. It's gonna be fun to have young kids in the First Family again. In fact, I guess they are the youngest children I can even remember being in the White House. I think they need some cool handmade dresses.....
So anyway, I have decided to borrow an idea from my friend and fellow blogger Ophelia McPhee (www.opheliamcphee.blogspot.com) and have a top 10 list today. Here are the top 10 handmade things I think the Obama girls need:

1. Some really awesome dresses from me at www.barbaralousboutique.etsy.com (DUH)

2.) Awesome soap from Shine Your Hiney Soap. There is some totally adorable soap shaped like a ladybug. www.shineyourhineysoap.etsy.com

3.) Some totally adorable play food from www.opheliamcphee.etsy.com.
I know they have a chef but a girl's gotta have an imagination!

4.) The cutest little bags and clutches I have ever seen at www.allenbrite.etsy.com. The little squirrels and other critters are perfect for those cuties.

5.) Every kid needs a sock monkey, and www.bluesaphire.etsy.com has some of the coolest I have ever seen. Her sock monkeys come with things like sunglasses, overalls, pacifiers, and a few even have 'fros!

6.) www.QwertyO.etsy.com has these really great No Trash Lunch Kits. They are stylish with lots of different prints, and eco-conscious. The girls can be "green" when they take lunch to school (if they ever do).

7.) My friend Laura at www.wainbowmudd.etsy.com makes really awesome bobby pins out of buttons. The Obama girls would look great with her little bobbles in their hair!

8.) The most adorable owl earrings can be found at www.faeriedtreasures.etsy.com. These would be great for any age group, but they would look especially sweet on girls their age.

9.) Okay, now I know the White House has all those gardens that are very well maintained, but if the girls wanted to plant their own little garden, they could check out www.smokymistgardens.etsy.com. She has great seeds at great prices-perfect for the "budding" gardener.

10.) And of course, you can't forget that puppy they were promised. When the girls are training the puppy, they can go to www.luckydogtreatcompany.etsy.com for some really tasty (for dogs) and homemade treats.

Well, my wish for little Sasha and Malia is that they have fun, learn alot, and are safe and happy during their time as the First Kids. And like the Bush girls said, slide down that banister every chance you get!

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Drea said...

You're so awesome! I might just have to steal OpheliaMcPhee's idea too!

Thanks for including my little owls. hehe.. I agree, the first family needs them, and all the other things on your list, too! *smile*